Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA)

Now available:  Investigative Skills Assignment (ISA)

Understanding the terminology


Updated: Revision Questions for GCSE and A-Level Physics

GCSE Physics

Waves     Light and Sound    Circuits 1  Circuits 2   Circuits 3

IGCSE Physics 

 General (Whole paper)  Density (1)   Density (2)   Turning Effect   Measurements
Motion      Thermal expansion/Thermometers: 

( Previous GCSE Activities/Resources)  :

A-Level Physics

Atoms and Radiation  Electrical Circuits   Electric Fields    Equations of Motion Light and Sound (Including Interference and Diffraction) Gravitational Fields   Magnetic Fields  Forces and Motion:    Momentum 1:    Work,Energy,Power  Circular Motion (1) :   Circular Motion (2)    Vectors and Scalars   Simple Harmonic Motion 


Latest Presentation : The Desert Tortoise

Latest Presentation: The Desert Tortoise :

OR  at 

OR  at

Includes videos + quiz



NEW Flipbook : The Creosote Bush

Here is the latest Flipbook

The Creosote Bush


Desert Critters : Presentation

The latest presentation is now online

Desert Critters : Life in the Sonoran Desert


NEW Science Resources : Flipbooks

The following flipbooks are now online

Forces (Revision) :Flipbook


Energy (Revision): Flipbook



LATEST A-Level Physics Quiz: Work, Energy and Power

The latest A-level Physics Quiz is now available : Work, Energy, Power



LATEST Quiz for A-Level Physics : Gravitational Fields

Here is the latest revision quiz for A-Level Physics


LATEST Quiz for A-Level Physics : Simple Harmonic Motion

Here is the latest online revision quiz for A-Level Physics

Simple Harmonic Motion :


Latest Quizzes for A-Level Physics

Here are two of the latest revision quizzes for A-level Physics

Magnetic Fields :

Capacitors :


Revision Resources


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100 tools for teaching and learning

Here is a good compilation of 100 tools for teaching and learning. The list was based on the results of  the votes of more than  50 learning professionals from 48 countries worldwide.