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Global Health Overview..

This resource  looks at some global aspects of health issues, such as the impact of poverty and inequality, pharmaceutical company interests, as well as some global health initiatives and the changing nature of the global health problems being faced……..It is somewhat out-of-date (last updated 2011) , but nevertheless still relevant today  (main website is at   www.globalissues.org )


Sub-sections are listed below:

  1. Millions die each year, needlessly
  2. Health, poverty and inequality
  3. Structural Adjustment—Cutting back on vital health and education services
  4. Large Pharmaceutical Companies—Profit at all costs?
  5. WTO—Patents, Intellectual Property, Emergency Drugs and Developing Countries
  6. Global Health Initiatives
  7. Increasing commodification and commercialization of healthcare
  8. Changing Dynamics in Global Health Issues and Priorities
  9. Summary